Are you planning to hire an in home care? Since every situation is different, it’s a good idea to first list your problems to clarify what kind of in home care you would need. Consider the type, duration and schedule of home healthcare needed, and your financial resources.
With this information you can then decide whether you would like to hire help on your own or through a home healthcare agency.

Hiring home caregivers on your own:

  1. • Ask others for home health care provider referrals or place an advertisement.
  2. • Screen in home care candidates based upon their experience, basic duties, schedule, and other specifics.
  3. • Ask lots of questions while interviewing screened candidates to provide home care services.
  4. • Note your gut feeling regarding each caregiver. Your initial reaction and overall comfort level is a good indication of how well an in home care
  5. provider could work out.
  6. • Check references for any candidate thoroughly.
  7. • Before hiring a home health care provider, sign a contract. This is vitally important and for the protection of everyone concerned.
  8. Hiring through a home caregivers agency:

To locate an agency offering home healthcare, check with the hospital discharge planner, caregiver resource center or even the Yellow Pages.
• Consider the fees and services provided by the agency to determine how well they meet your needs and budgetary considerations.
• Find out how the agency screens their employees and what safety measures, such as background checks, are in place.
• Choose the agency that provides the services you need at a manageable price.
• Sign a contract so that everyone is clear on what expectations are to be met, what services are to be provided and what costs are entailed.

By following these steps, you will be better able to locate the best provider for your needs and obtain the desired level of service at a fair price.