Aging brings dependency which can be partial or full and in both cases the old one needs love and care. The two main options to meet the needs of the old loved one are either you build an in-law suite or buy the services of a nursing home facility. They both serve the purpose. But is building an in-law suite better than nursing home facility? They both have their merits.
A nursing home care can prove life saving if the old one needs special/skilled care like the 24-hour observation, strict medication compliance, monitoring through specialized medical equipments and urgent care possible only through a nursing facility.

Just ask yourself a simple question: Why does the old one needs to stay in a nursing home? The probable answers are:

1. Needs special/skilled care.

2. You are too busy to look after them.

3. The old one is totally dependent for everything.

4. You just don’t care.

Having said that if the above-mentioned factors are not applicable to you or your family which would mean:

1. The old one need no skilled or trained care/facility.

2. You have time (or you can workout some way). Someone or the other is around (mostly). The loved one is not totally dependent or handicapped.

3. You do love, care and respect your old one and want him/her to stay close to you. Then there is every reason for you to go ahead with the remodeling solution and plan for a nice and comfortable in-law suite for your loved one.

Why an in-law suite is better than a nursing home facility

1. With rising incidences of abuse, assault, and theft in nursing homes (though not everywhere), you feel safe, secure and contented with your loved one staying near you.

2. The old ones will have a sense of independence, with their privacy being cared for, and with the satisfaction that they own a place which is so close to their kids and grandkids that they don’t need to see unfamiliar faces often as in a nursing home facility.

3. It’s less expensive than a nursing home facility. If this is the case, you are adding value to your house rather than spending money the other way.

4. Remodel according to the needs of your old one, like wide doors, bars at the side of a staircase and handles at right places to assist in walking, blunt corners to avoid any injuries in case of a fall.

5. Every time you are out, you need not worry because there is someone who cares equally about your home as you.

Where there are old ones there is experience, blessings and wishes and you do need all when the going gets tough. And once for all, there is a saying in rural India – “Old one staying with you is an honor in itself.”